How To Evaluate A Lawsuit Loan Company

If you’ve been selected as a plaintiff in a lawsuit, the next step is to find a lawsuit loan company that can help you through the legal proceedings. These companies offer cash, credit cards, or other financial options in exchange for a certain percentage of the potential settlement money. This percentage usually depends on theContinue reading “How To Evaluate A Lawsuit Loan Company”

Emergency Cash Advance

Pre Settlement financing is actually not a loan, at all. Instead, you’re selling part of your future court award or settlement today, in exchange for an instant financial loan. In other words, pre-settlement financing is nonrecourse, which means that if the individual doesn’t win or settle their case, then they don’t owe any money atContinue reading “Emergency Cash Advance”

The Truth About A Settlement Advance

Lawsuit loans and settlement loans are one means individuals can address their needs without having to pay an exorbitant amount. While they may be able to resolve their legal issues at a reduced cost, there will always be that one year wait. This is especially true with personal injury cases. However, some plaintiffs do notContinue reading “The Truth About A Settlement Advance”

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